Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Lift Assist

Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Lift Assist


Key Features

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Graduations: 100g
  • Powered seat for weighing patients who cannot stand unaided
  • Easier weighing processes; reduced risk of back injuries

Marsden M-250 Chair Scale with Lift Assist



What is the M-250 Chair Scale?


The M-250 is a Class III Approved medical chair scale with a lifting seat. This means less effort is required when getting a patient into, and out of, the chair. In most cases this feature could reduce the number of carers or nurses required to get the patient out of the chair from two to one.


Why is a lifting seat important?


Chair scales are essential when a patient or resident needs to be seated when weighed. However, as with all wheelchairs, the greatest challenge for staff is getting the person into and out of the chair. Depending on how mobile the patient is, this can demand a lot of effort, usually require two members of staff, and in extreme cases, there could be risk of back injury.


The M-250 changes this. It provides a better user experience by taking most of the strain of getting the patient into and out of the chair.


In fact, during testing, the lifting seat base was found to reduce the effort required to lift a patient out of the chair by 70%.


Additionally, because of the reduction in effort required by staff, in most cases only one member of staff may be required where once there was a need for two.


How does the M-250 work?


A small handheld remote control is used to lift and lower the seat base. The movement of the ergonomically-designed seat is slow and smooth to ensure ultimate comfort for the patient.


Once the seat is at its lowest position, with the patient seated, an accurate weight reading will be displayed on the indicator.


The remote control can then be used to raise the seat, helping the patient up to standing position.


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