Our Projects

A sample of the work we carry out

Kaleidoscope 2

Bringing together carers and to rebuild a community.

Kaleidoscope2 is a non-profit organization based in Chester . Their dream was to bring en suite track systems to every room.

Over 100 rooms to complete with a 4 week deadline.

Our team had the privilege to work alongside the carers and staff on site instead of designers and architects. This meant that we came up with the perfect answer in every room. The result: a perfect care environment and suited to high dependency care from an organisation which continues to grow.

Easy Peasy

Stopping the replacement product.

We consistently find that a care home has ordered a new bed, hoist and scales etc because their current service provider says the product needs replacing. This could be due to an unviable cost of repair or that a spare part is not available.

What the distributor or service company really mean is that it is easy for them to make more profit in selling a new item than putting in a bit of legwork.

We came across a bath hoist in South Yorkshire last month. The arm had sheared off but they had been advised by two different companies to replace the whole lot. A cost of £4200 was envisaged for change.

Very good for the supplier and the care home operator foots the bill. The operator contacted us to see if we could help. The spare part was not available. What did we do ? We had the item made in Cumbria at an engineering company

Total cost of repair ? £163.00 + Vat including two call outs, fitting, collecting from Cumbria and travel.

Genesis Active System

Making pressure relief easy.

Working with the NIHR Wounds Research and Patient Benfit Programme, we set about creating the Genesis Full Replacement mattress System for launch in July 2013.

We started consultations with all concerned and identified major failings in other products and what our new mattress requirements were. The main problem was reliability, cleaning and ease of use. Visitors to service users interfered with controls and staff training was difficult to provide for operators.

The end result was to design an automatic system that understands a service users movements in bed, reliable, minimal operator use and with a lock facility that prevents unauthorised adjustment.

Our new system calculates patient weight and provides effective pressure relief to high risk standards. We decided on a full replacement system only as a lot of staff are confused about the different types of systems.

With on site repairs 24 hours, 3 year warranty and low cost we believe that the Genesis system is the choice for operators with multiple sites

Simpson Healthcare Partnership

A new care operator buying established homes with older equipment

When one of the most new prestigious care operators contacted us to handle their loler servicing and certification, we were a little intimidated.

But after meeting the home managers, we realised why they had chosen to go with a smaller hands on company instead of the usual non flexible larger companies. As their care home group continues to grow, we need to spend time with each home teaching and instructing on charging regimes etc.

We are taking the challenge head on and they are delighted with the results!