Meet the team

Sarah McDanielson


Sarah has her hands full with work and her 8 year old son Jacob who wants to be a pilot.

Juggling a hectic home life with work has its challenges but Sarah copes easily.

With an extensive background in controlling day to day operations of fast moving companies means Sarah will keep us all in line!

Sarah will also oversee customer accounts.

Outdoor pursuits along with reading and school runs are her thing!

Jason Bryan

Head Technician

Jason is our own Duracell bunny. He never stops! His in depth experience of lifting products brings a wealth of experience and you’ll always find him in the workshop.

He’s an Avid gardener and family man. He is head of our service team.

His wife is head of a team too bringing salmon back to the River Don!

Denise Martin

Pressure Relief Systems Co-ordinator

Denise has a vast experience of pressure relief and pressure relief systems Denise is never more happier when she is testing new products and putting them through the mill.

Denise also manages to put others through the mill when she is not happy about something but that’s quite rare. Always on the go, never stops and never comes up for breath either ! Her commitment is quite infectious.

Denise has a passion for animals, especially dogs. A fully licensed, short term dog boarder, she takes in dogs whos owners are unable to care for their pets due to hospitalisation or illness.

Denise is a volunteer for Epilepsy Uk and The Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. She loves walking and is an avid reader.

Simon White

Managing Director

Simon once dreamed of running his own company specialising in the servicing of patient lifting products whilst delivering high cost savings without compromising on safety.

He realised that care providers now have a high responsibility to provide effective care but deliver it with low profit margins. He developed a passion for this over the last 28 years.

​Simon personally oversees all service engineers and is also mobile based in the field to certain customers as well as business development.

He’s a dog person.

Karen Fineberg


Moving from head of charity status Karen has now found her niche in the marketplace. Recently securing exclusive quality products from some smaller manufacturers she is developing new brands for the Care Home market.

Karen is a friendly helpful person and an expert charity fundraiser, very organised, thinks logically and always sees things through to the end.

A new hobby of pottery has now taken hold but we didn’t think it looked like a vase!

Toni Spencer


Toni has three priorities. Work, family and holidays but we are not sure which comes first. With a wealth of knowledge of admin practice Toni is the go to queen of our Loler certification system.

If you want to chat about Loler or holidays then she is the go to person
Make a mistake then she will let you know every day for a week !

Toni is in charge of distribution of products and care home asset management.

Kal Shrewti


Kal Shrewti Kal our latest recruited engineer comes with a vast knowledge of hoists and stairlifts Now a daddy for the first time just recently it’s nappies, night feeds and loler inspection ruling his life. A total team player and all rounder he is now in charge of our servicing and repairs for the uk west coast.