Marsden M-230 Chair Scale

Marsden M-230 Chair Scale


Key Features

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Graduations: 100g
  • Class III and MDD Approved
  • Entry level chair scale with slightly wider than standard seat

Marsden M-230 Chair Scale



What is the M-230 Chair Scale?


The Marsden M-230 is an entry level chair scale which can be used to measure patient weight to the nearest 100g,  BMI and BSA (Body Surface Area). This chair scale is robust, with battery power providing up to 9000 weigh-ins, and has a slightly wider (by 60mm) seat than the similar M-225 Chair Scale.  It is ideal for GP surgeries and care homes.


What is a Class III Approved scale?


Class III Approved scales are built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet certain standard. Class III Approved scales must be used ‘in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’, the NAWI directive declares. Approved scales are rigorously tested by an EU notified body in order to assure the user that the scales are accurate and reliable.


All Marsden chair scales are Class III Approved.


Who uses the M-230?


The M-230 is an affordable chair scale for GP surgeries and care homes, for weighing patients with limited mobility. The scale features a 250kg and 100g graduations, meaning it can be used when measuring weight for critical treatment. Find out more here.


Why should I choose the M-230?


The M-230 is a medically approved chair scale with a wider than standard seat, meaning it is suitable for weighing larger patients.


The M-230 delivers highly accurate weight readings, to the nearest 100g. The scale’s BSA calculation function, we believe, is a world first. BSA is often used to calculate drug dosages, meaning the scale readings are more valuable than a simple basic weight. The Du Bois formula is used to calculate BSA. Read more about BSA here.


This function, along with BMI calculation, Tare and Hold are all easy to access and to use – via the indicator’s five buttons. The scale is lightweight enough for moving between rooms. Six AA batteries provide upto 180 hours of use – as many as 9000 weigh-ins. The display is large and bright for easy weight readings.


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