Marsden M-225 Chair Scale

Marsden M-225 Chair Scale



What is the M-225 Chair Scale?


The Marsden M-225 is an entry level Class III Approved chair scale. With a 250kg capacity and accuracy to 100g it is perfect for hospitals and care homes, and has all the essential basic functions required for accurate weighing of patients. This chair scale features BSA (Body Surface Area) calculation.


What is BSA?


BSA stands for Body Surface Area, and is the calculated surface area of the human body. It is commonly used by NHS DEXA scanners to help calculate body composition and dosages for anti-cancer agents.


BSA has been regarded as “the most reliable method of calculating drug dosages… for nearly 90 years,” according to the British National Formulary. We believe Marsden scales are the first – and only – digital weighing scales in the world to feature BSA calculation.


Find out more about BSA in this free guide.


What is a Class III Approved scale?


Class III Approved scales are built, tested, verified and calibrated in order to meet certain standard. Class III Approved scales must be used ‘in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’, the NAWI directive declares. Approved scales are rigorously tested by an EU notified body in order to assure the user that the scales are accurate and reliable.


All Marsden chair scales are Class III Approved.


Who uses the M-225 Chair Scale?


The M-225’s portability makes it a convenient scale for hospitals, GP practices and care homes. An affordable solution for all general medical and surgical wards, the 250kg capacity means it is suitable for weighing most patients with restricted mobility.


Why should I choose the M-225?


Choose the M-225 if you need a basic, high accuracy scale for weighing patients who are unable to stand – or could benefit from a chair scale which uses BSA for calculating medication dosage. The scale has a 250kg capacity and graduations to 100g.


Getting patients into the seat is easy, with hinged armrests and footrests. Brakes are fitted to two of the four castors, and thanks to its robust construction, this scale will withstand years of regular use.


The scale is powered by 6x AA batteries, which will power the scale for upto 180 hours. An adaptor is also provided for powering from the mains. The indicator features a large 3cm LCD display.


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