Marsden M-210 Chair Scale

Marsden M-210 Chair Scale



What is the M-210 Chair Scale?


The Marsden M-210 is a high accuracy, Class III Approved chair scale, designed for easy weighing of patients who cannot stand. With a capacity of 250kg and an accuracy if 50g, it’s perfect for weighing in hospitals as well as care homes. A range of accessories are available for printing and recording weight data. The M-210 is Marsden’s most popular chair scale.


What is a Class III Approved scale?


A Class III Approved medical scale is a high precision weighing scale, that has been designed, built and tested to a specific standard.


Class III Approved medical scales must be used when weighing patients for ‘the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’, according to the NAWI directive. Every Class III Approved weighing scale is rigorously tested by an EU notified body in order to ensure it is accurate, reliable and provides repeatable weighing results.


How can weight data be recorded from this scale?


The M-210, like all premium Marsden medical scales, can be used to wirelessly send patient weight data to a central database.


These chair scales can be purchased with either Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. A module inside the scale can send weight, height and BMI to your patient medical records. Please note that Marsden does not currently provide software to receive this information from the scale.


A printer can also be purchased that connects to the scale’s indicator. The printer can create a hard copy of weight, height and BMI, plus date and time.


Who uses the M-210?


The M-210 is a lightweight chair scale which is easy to move around GP practices and care homes. Perfect for weighing patients with restricted mobility, it has graduations to 50g (below 150kg) meaning the chair scale can be used accurately in critical diagnosis in hospital environments, and also provide precise weight readings pre-op and post-op.


Why should I choose the M-210?


The M-210 is a bestselling digital chair scale, but its appeal is not limited to its accuracy and dependability.


The scale includes a BMI function, which is calculated when a patient’s height is entered using the full numeric keypad. Hold means the weight reading will stabilise, and show the weight of the patient even when they are no longer on the scale. Tare allows you to remove unwanted weight from the display.


The M-210 is highly portable with four wheels and two brakes. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing 55 hours’ use between charges, meaning patients can be weighed absolutely anywhere. A mains adaptor is also provided.


With fitted hinged armrests and footrests, getting on and off the scale is easy for patients unsteady on their feet, or who are unable to stand require assistance.


The M-210 is built from high quality materials for reliability and accuracy. An optional service contract is also available to further ensure accuracy and safety when using the scale.


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