Liko M220/M230 Manual/Electric

Liko M220/M230 Manual/Electric


– Easy-to-use, intuitive controls
– Long lift arm provides full access to center of bed
– 182kg lifting capacity
– Compatible with world’s most complete range of slings enabling you to adapt the lift to the individual user’s particular needs

Liko M220/M230 Manual/Electric

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The Liko M220 and M230 mobile hoists

The Liko M220 and M230 are easy-to-use mobile lifts primarily intended for use in nursing homes and the home environment. Both models are excellent aids for daily transfers of adults and children to and from a wheelchair, toilet or floor.
Both the M220 and M230 feature an electric lift mechanism, but differ in how the base width is adjusted (opening and closing the legs). The M230 has an electrically adjusted base and the M220 has a manual base.
An individually fitted sling and other accessories are of utmost importance for performance and safety when using a Liko lift.

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